My January creations 2014

As you know in January, I got new hologram sequins, so I could make more of my shiny music notes necklaces (7). Also I've got stud supplies for earring closure and made two pairs with them already (4,6). But Its possible to attach posts to every earring I've made already, this is new option in my shop, starting this year! One of the music note pendant and two pairs of earrings were send to Haili for the collaboration, and I hope to share the pictures from her outfits with my creations soon! Can't wait!)
It was a grey month without much sunlight, so the pictures are also grey. But the item themselves are very shiny and bright, I wish you could see them all in real!)

1. Orchid orange earrings;
2. Burgundy gold fan earrings;
3. Floral coin earrings;
4. Turquoise gold earrings;
5. Sunflower earrings;
6. Beaded disc earrings;
7. Music notes pendants;
8. Poppy flower earrings;


New sequins and Fashion Color report

Half year flew so fast and It is time for new sequins. Most of all I wanted to buy more hologram sequins, as I use them in my projects with drawing. I took almost all main shades and now I am ready to make music notes pendants in more color variations! I can't say I tried all color from previous order, but this time I took only special ones, that I use a lot or something new I have never bought.
Will see what ideas they give me this year.
1. Hologram sequins.
Glacier, Dark Blue, Capri Blue, Cobalt Blue, Gold, Sunfire,Champagne, Bronze, Aztec Sunrise, Royal Plum, Mulberry, Dark Cherry, Orchid, Rose Pink, Orange, Red, Silver, Green

2. Patterned Sequins.
Black Galaxy, Silver Waffle, Gold Waffle, White Dots on black, Red Galaxy, White with Gold Vertigo Print, Parallels on Silver, Chrystal white Dots, Confetti Mix. 
3. Mix: Satin, Opaque, Patterned sequins.
Gold parallel, Turquoise, Med.Pink Orchid, Banana creme, Orchid, Teal, Dark Ecru, Dk.Pink Orchid, Shamrock, Copper, Pink, Rose, Lt.Ocean Blue, Lt.Pink, Burnt Orange, Light Purple, Gold, Pearl, Orchid Pink, Peacock Blue, Silver polka on black, White. 
4. Satin: New.
Gun metal grey, Light coral, Silver, Pale peach, Blush, Bark
5. Circle sequins.
Pale Orchid, Lt.Sea Green, Gold, Blue.
Pantone Fashion Color report 2014


My November and December creations 2013

November brought me design for earrings, that is most popular so far in my store (2). This month I also played more with glitter liners and made few more painted elements (3,4,5,10) The other earrings were more in christmas and new year theme, perfect celebration accessories.

I made only four new pairs of earrings in December and remade two pairs, that were sold. Om earrings in gold and hologram sequins and earrings in periwinkle and gold colors (5). So I decided to post in one post creations from the last two month. The black swan earrings (2) are the biggest so far I've made. Sometimes I see there black dragon also. Earrings in baby pink (3) are with new elements, gold color metal sequins, like a coins. Love the sound, like tiny bells! I bought more similar metal elements and hope to have time and inspiration to make more designs with them.
Whats your favorite?


More personalization with glitter drawing

After Initial necklaces came other creations with drawing elements in them. I decided to make zodiac signs as a brooch. So far only two of them is completely ready (Scorpio and Sagittarius). Other signs are still as ready to finish elements and waiting for its turn.
It is so much fun drawing with glitter liner, so that evening I couldn't stop. I draw few elements for music lovers. Two pendants with music notes in pink&purple color and one treble clef in red. Also there are some elements with different words.
'Love' word in turquoise is already made as double collar brooch. 'Love' in pink still waiting with words 'happy', 'shiny', 'wife'. I don't know why these words exactly, but only them popped up first.

All these and other creations you can find at my Etsy shop and Personal website.
Thank You for following my creative progress.


It is a miracle, I am a giveaway winner!

First time I am a winner of giveaway with physical prize! It was hard for me to believe, because the  days before I actually wished to have something from ceramic jewelry. And when I took part in Ceraminic Giveaway I couldn't dream that I will got such amazing creations from Ildi! Yesterday I received the envelope full of treasuries and glitter hearts on package! It was like a dream for little girl to feel so much love and happiness from everything! The pictures of these handmade items couldn't show the real beauty and care they have made! But anyway I will show my 'happiness' to you and maybe it will give the idea of perfect Christmas present to these you Love! You can find both Ildi's shop on Etsy:

Ceraminic is with beautiful ornaments and decoration dishes.

LemoneRouge is full of amazing jewelry pieces.

If you want to know more, here is very interesting story about Ildi's creative life!


My October creations 2013

Except of other creations, I've made 13 letters as initial pendant. Thats why I think that October was very productive month. Geometry brooch (4) was featured on Etsy Jewelry Browse section, it was pleasure to know admins like it! Also I've made set of three little earrings (9). Its great gift for bridesmaids or best friends. Collar brooch (6) and necklace (5) were made from same new embroidered felt shape. Earrings in cosmic theme (1) was also in new shape of felt, so I hope it gives another feeling from circle ones. But white earrings (8) are my most proud this month. And which one is your favorite?)
1. Cosmic Planet earrings;
2. Red tassel earrings;
3. Black tassel earrings;
4. Geometry brooch;
5. Emerald green necklace;
6. Collar brooch, double;
7. Initial necklaces;
8. White earrings;
9. Set of 3 earrings;