My handmade November creations 2014

November started with Christmas theme as Jingle bells pendant and earrings (1, 2). It was fun to create them, especially that little bells are real and give a tiny sound with every move! New idea for that month were two bib collar necklaces (4, 6) I really love the result, so working right now on another necklace like that. Connecting two embroidered parts with different elements is really interesting idea! I took a part in the giveaway on foltbolt's advent calendar with my red trapezium earrings  and was inspired to make the necklace in similar form (7) The pattern for parrot earrings (5) was born last year, but only now I manage to made them and sold right away. Planning to remake them in near future. Also bought the penguin, cat and camel ceramic beads, so more animal theme earrings will be soon. My new and unusual hand embroidered sequin earrings (8) with beautiful artisan porcelain drops from Petra Carpreau! While I edited the picture, the association of '5th element' aliens came up!) No wonder I felt something cosmic from these earrings, after I made them! Burgundy stud earrings (3) were planned to make with matching necklace, hope to have enough time to realize all ideas I have! What is your favorite from November 2014?)

1. Christmas wreath pendant;
2. Jingle bells earrings;
3. Burgundy drop earrings;
4. Orange drop collar necklace;
5. Parrot colorful earrings;
6. Purple floral necklace;
7. Trapezium orchid necklace;
8. Alien statement earrings.


My handmade October Creations 2014

In October I made two items as a gift to my etsy friends Ildi and Nesrin (3, 6). Emerald earrings, that I've made two years ago inspired me to make matching pendant (10). One of my first pattern for earrings was black bow earrings, that I kept for myself, so I remade them in red/vanilla colors (7). They are perfect for Christmas time as also a new oval gold/white earrings with beads chandelier (2). Cosmic theme this time appears in Star Pendant (8). Infinity earrings was born as reminder that illusion is temporary, but everything truly is eternally! Forest nymph was visiting me with inspiration for new set: earrings with big plastic flower and matching necklace (4, 5). I bought different colors of wooden beads and couldn't resist to make some earrings with them (9, 11). Which one is your favorite from this month?

1. Infinity Earrings;
2. White Gold Oval Earrings;
3. Oval geometric Earrings;
4. Mint Flower Earrings;
5. Mint Vanilla Necklace;
6. Golden Black Pendant;
7. Red Bow Earrings;
8. Star Pendant;
9. Lime Lotus Earrings;
10. Polka Dot Emerald Pendant;
11. Orchid waves white Earrings;


Christmas Gift Guide

I am featured with my Gold/White sequin earrings in this amazing Gift Guide, entirely made by Ruby from PaperWhispers , have a peek there is plenty of gorgeous gift ideas in it!

All items have clickable links for an easy shopping experience :)


My September handmade creations 2014

September started with orange leaves creations: necklace (1) and earrings (2). Also wanted to make an autumn leaf brooch, but other ideas could not wait. There are two geometric necklaces with wooden painted beads (4, 5). I have more colors of these beads and want to make more of such colorful necklaces in the future! It is fun to make them and I think It is fun to wear them too! I was happy to make some earrings with ribbons, that gave very romantic and special look (7, 8)! It is one of my favorite style of earrings to make. When I remade heart earrings with keys, thought It would be great to make the pendant also (9). It can be as a set with the earrings, or separate piece of jewelry to wear. I decided to make more pendants in style of existing earrings. This way it will increase the possibility to wear favorite pattern. I also love to include metal elements in my creations, as you can see the (3) earrings with metal leopards. I'd love to hear which one is your favorite!

1. Orange leaves Necklace;
2. Autumn Leaf Earrings;
3. Gold Leopard Earrings;
4. Geometry three colors Necklace;
5. Geometry bright Necklace;
6. Orchid flowers in emerald Earrings;
7. Burgundy Bow Earrings;
8. Blue bow Grey hearts Earrings;
9. Heart Pendant with key.


My August handmade creations 2014

In August I had not so much time to create, but made some of my new ideas. There are diamond shape earrings (5), heart shape earrings (7) and earrings with wooden background (2). Tried to draw more then one letter on brooches and it become Mr. and Mrs. pins for wedding day or other couple event (1). Also it is possible to draw words Sis, Bro, Mom, Dad and something like that. Proud of my new necklaces (3,4) Love how they look on person! Im very exited to try every time something new.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Broches;
2. Turquoise butterfly earrings;
3. Egyptian bell Necklace;
4. Leopard Necklace and matching Earrings;
5. Diamond shape Earrings;
6. Love Necklace with hearts;
7. Heart Earrings;
8. Romantic Eiffel Tower and France Flag Pendant.


My July handmade creations 2014

Summer was not so warm, but was not so productive period as I expected. Still I made some new shapes of earrings (2&3), decorated one more mask (1), made matching necklace to one of my most popular earrings and hosted a giveaway with nine winners at the end. Making initial brooches and necklaces for my winners was my compensation for the lazy month. But It was a pleasure to make and give my creations to all the wonderful people! Want to make something similar in near future!

1. Lime venetian mask;
2. Red bell earrings;
3. Ice cream earrings;
4. Peacock blue white earrings;
5. Periwinkle gold necklace;
6. Hair clip for a girl;
7. Initial letters as brooch or pendant.


My June Sequin Creations 2014

As you already know I tried to decorate masks! So in June I worked with two of them and it was interesting experience! I don't know why, but at summer I'm making more necklaces, then other kind of jewelry. June was rich for necklaces with different concept and style. I love to draw with my glitter liners and use that elements inside my embroidery. And this month you can see sparkle words inside bracelets and necklace. It's like a positive mantra for every day you will wear your jewelry! Sunflower earrings are also with painted elements. Im planing to make camomile earrings in such concept.  New thing also is a pedant. I attached heart locket to it, so you can wear your favorite picture or other thing with memory with you!

1. White Venetian Mask;
2. Words Bracelets;
3. Sunflower Earrings;
4. Teal Venetian Mask;
5. Shiny word, gold Necklace;
6. Wedding White Necklace;
7. Burgundy hearts  Necklace;
8. Heart Locket Pendant.