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Giveaway time! You have a chance to win one initial necklace or brooch! There are two ways for that:
Follow the rules on my Facebook page or Follow the instruction on my Instagram post. Good luck. I will pick the winner randomly on July 27. Good luck!


My May Sequin Creations 2014

May was full of my favorite flowers, birthday and bright colors. I remade heart earrings with key skeletons. Two pairs of new earrings with wide ribbon will be great even for the wedding day. Small circle earrings on chain are embroidered on both sides, that was my long time idea to try. Om sign is available now as brooch and bib necklace. As you can see May was one more experimental month for me on different sequin and sparkle creations.

1. Bugles Spikes Earrings;
2. Chain drop earrings;
3. Lilac Ribbon Earrings;
4. Teal Flower Earrings;
5. Orchid bead Earrings;
6. Heart Key Earrings;
7. Om bib necklace;
8. Om Brooch;
9. Blue Ribbon Earrings;
10. Pink Flower Bracelet;


Venetian Women Masks with sequins beads and ribbons

Thanks to Eva from Bhbkidstyle one of my creative dream came true. Eva makes beautiful felt masks for kids and adults, playful and colorful. And when she agreed to make carnival venetian masks for me to decorate them, I was on the moon of happiness. It was very interesting challenge for me. I spend few evenings to think the best way of adding my sparkle friends on her felt masks. 
I plunged into my childhood memories how we made masks from paper and painted them, trying to make our home theatre performances. 
First mask I decorated was a White Mask. Its perfect for tender bride on her mysterious wedding! 

The Teal women mask is more playful, I think for night masquerade, carnival or dance ball.. Oh, Im dreaming again!) So will post the pictures and let you choose your favorite! Because Im waiting for more masks from dear Eva and more precious evening to create with them!

You can see the main steps of my creative process on Teal mask in the collage below. 


My April creations 2014

April has some new designs and shapes of earrings. I used my favorite crumbled metal sequins with star patterns to make earring in cosmic theme. New oval shape earrings are with Swarovski crystals, to make them more special. Also was inspired by one of my favorite flowers 'forgot-me-not' and made earrings that are perfect for wedding, something blue!
This month I was in mood of restocking my etsy shop with popular earrings. First one were sold twice already, so I decided to make similar pattern in orange/gold colors, but with metal flower beads.

April new:
1. Coral bow earrings;
2. Oval earrings;
3. Red Cosmic earrings;
4. Forget-me-not earrings;
5. Orange flowers earrings;

April remade:
1. Periwinkle Gold earrings;
2. Beaded disc earrings;
3. Triple spiral earrings;
4. Purple butterfly earrings;
5. Yellow Grey earrings;


My March creations 2014

March was a very productive month somehow. There were different kind of creations, including a new necktie with sakura pattern, collar brooches in heart shapes and new earrings with different elements and styles. I'm very interested what is your favorite from my March handmade creations?)

1. Owls earrings;
2. Purple flowers earrings;
3. Sakura necktie necklace;
4. Pink heart collar brooches;
5. Green flowers earrings;
6. Music notes earrings;
7. Firebird earrings;
8. China rose earrings;
9. Colorful confetti earrings;
10. Gold wave earrings;
11. White bow earrings;
12. Purple tassels and beige bow earrings.



My January creations 2014

As you know in January, I got new hologram sequins, so I could make more of my shiny music notes necklaces (7). Also I've got stud supplies for earring closure and made two pairs with them already (4,6). But Its possible to attach posts to every earring I've made already, this is new option in my shop, starting this year! One of the music note pendant and two pairs of earrings were send to Haili for the collaboration, and I hope to share the pictures from her outfits with my creations soon! Can't wait!)
It was a grey month without much sunlight, so the pictures are also grey. But the item themselves are very shiny and bright, I wish you could see them all in real!)

1. Orchid orange earrings;
2. Burgundy gold fan earrings;
3. Floral coin earrings;
4. Turquoise gold earrings;
5. Sunflower earrings;
6. Beaded disc earrings;
7. Music notes pendants;
8. Poppy flower earrings;