EST Loop Giveaway

If you are on instagram, you may want to check the giveaway I'm taking part in with my fellow European crafters. Here is the link https://instagram.com/p/3aujSqJLLy/ or search for @velanch there.
Our Etsy team European Street Team has gathered 10 amazing crafters to host a fun giveaway that gives you at least 10 chances to win a unique handmade item! I'm taking part as well and I will be giving away a pair of collar heart brooches which is also shown in the image!

How to enter? ( For Instagram accounts only!)
1. Follow me.
2. Like this photo.
3. Leave a comment on this photo.
4. Tag your friend(s) for an extra entry.
5. Tap on the photo to visit the next crafter (or check out the previous crafter) and repeat the steps above to complete the loop!

Once you've made your way back, you have completed your entry! All entries must be submitted by the end of 6th of June - which is also a date to save for the annual Etsy Craft Party!! Each crafter will announce its winner.

Good luck!!

Here the prizes of other teammates you can win:


Artisan beads by Petra Carpreau

Today is a Birthday of talented ceramist Petra Carpreau, so I decided to make a separate post and say how much I love her handmade beads! You saw already from previous posts, how I used them. Every Petra's creation is very inspiring and when I look at her beads the future design appears itself! It's better say, I'm just making my embroidery around each bead, that already very special and no need to try to make it prettier! I appreciate handmade and it's a honor to me to work with handmade supplies of such excellent quality! I made a collage with my creations, that I made so far with Petra's beads. But I will make more for sure!

Which one is your favorite?;)
1. Alien statement earrings;
2. Golden crown Earrings;
3. Lime drop Earrings;
4. Sakura blossom Earrings;
5. Ice queen Earrings;
6. Rose heart Earrings;
7. Horseshoe Necklace;
8. Arrows heart Earrings;
9. Pumpkin wave Earrings;
10. Black paws Earrings.

And here are the beautiful candies, that I received from Petra so far! I hope to find time to realize all project that can be made with this treasury:


My January Handmade creations 2015

Three earrings from my January creations were sold (2, 8, 9). Most important, that It's my returning customer and I Love the fact, that someone likes what I'm creating, Thank you! This reminded me that I haven't share the January creations here!) As you can see from the picture, I was prepared for the bright spring, at least, I'm waiting for it! Icicle pendant (1) I was made as a birthday gift for my etsy friend, Kasia. One of my dream came true, and I sold the little earrings set to Japan, so I made a brooch as a gift (5) and remade the earrings, but in different colors (6). Another my dream is to visit cherry blossom in Japan, so kokeshi earrings with flowers is all about (8). I have used last artisanal ceramic drops in my lime earrings (2) from Petra Carpreau that I have, so definitely need more of them!) Also I made Mr.&Mrs. brooches for a sweet customer from Germany. It was very touching to receive a real card from her with handwritten 'Thank you'! First time I had such surprise and appreciate it a lot! It motivates me keep creating! And as you can see I tried some more different shapes for my earrings! Hope more will come! And what is your favorite creation from January?

1. Icicle Pendant;
2. Lime bronze Earrings;
3. Mr.&Mrs. Brooches;
4. Oriental Earrings;
5. Circles Brooch;
6. Little Earrings;
7. Arc Necklace;
8. Kokeshi Earrings;
9. Arc Earrings;
10. Half moon Earrings.