It is a miracle, I am a giveaway winner!

First time I am a winner of giveaway with physical prize! It was hard for me to believe, because the  days before I actually wished to have something from ceramic jewelry. And when I took part in Ceraminic Giveaway I couldn't dream that I will got such amazing creations from Ildi! Yesterday I received the envelope full of treasuries and glitter hearts on package! It was like a dream for little girl to feel so much love and happiness from everything! The pictures of these handmade items couldn't show the real beauty and care they have made! But anyway I will show my 'happiness' to you and maybe it will give the idea of perfect Christmas present to these you Love! You can find both Ildi's shop on Etsy:

Ceraminic is with beautiful ornaments and decoration dishes.

LemoneRouge is full of amazing jewelry pieces.

If you want to know more, here is very interesting story about Ildi's creative life!


  1. Congrats! Such a beautiful jewelry and packed so prettily.

    1. Thank you, Ruusu! Its very beautiful, indeed!!!)

  2. What a beautiful gift! Congrats Elena!

  3. Congrants, they're so beautiful!!


  4. That's so fun, congrats! Lovely jewelry!



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