More personalization with glitter drawing

After Initial necklaces came other creations with drawing elements in them. I decided to make zodiac signs as a brooch. So far only two of them is completely ready (Scorpio and Sagittarius). Other signs are still as ready to finish elements and waiting for its turn.
It is so much fun drawing with glitter liner, so that evening I couldn't stop. I draw few elements for music lovers. Two pendants with music notes in pink&purple color and one treble clef in red. Also there are some elements with different words.
'Love' word in turquoise is already made as double collar brooch. 'Love' in pink still waiting with words 'happy', 'shiny', 'wife'. I don't know why these words exactly, but only them popped up first.

All these and other creations you can find at my Etsy shop and Personal website.
Thank You for following my creative progress.


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  2. Beautiful! Love those with musical notes.

  3. Love them!!


  4. Looks amazing! Very nice blog you have!

  5. oh wow!! what a fantastic post dear. love that style.
    you're owning a wonderful creative blog. so inspiring and fun to read! what do you think about following each other? check out mine, lets keep in touch and let me know.
    wish you a wonderful sunday!!
    best wishes,


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