New sequins and Fashion Color report

Half year flew so fast and It is time for new sequins. Most of all I wanted to buy more hologram sequins, as I use them in my projects with drawing. I took almost all main shades and now I am ready to make music notes pendants in more color variations! I can't say I tried all color from previous order, but this time I took only special ones, that I use a lot or something new I have never bought.
Will see what ideas they give me this year.
1. Hologram sequins.
Glacier, Dark Blue, Capri Blue, Cobalt Blue, Gold, Sunfire,Champagne, Bronze, Aztec Sunrise, Royal Plum, Mulberry, Dark Cherry, Orchid, Rose Pink, Orange, Red, Silver, Green

2. Patterned Sequins.
Black Galaxy, Silver Waffle, Gold Waffle, White Dots on black, Red Galaxy, White with Gold Vertigo Print, Parallels on Silver, Chrystal white Dots, Confetti Mix. 
3. Mix: Satin, Opaque, Patterned sequins.
Gold parallel, Turquoise, Med.Pink Orchid, Banana creme, Orchid, Teal, Dark Ecru, Dk.Pink Orchid, Shamrock, Copper, Pink, Rose, Lt.Ocean Blue, Lt.Pink, Burnt Orange, Light Purple, Gold, Pearl, Orchid Pink, Peacock Blue, Silver polka on black, White. 
4. Satin: New.
Gun metal grey, Light coral, Silver, Pale peach, Blush, Bark
5. Circle sequins.
Pale Orchid, Lt.Sea Green, Gold, Blue.
Pantone Fashion Color report 2014


  1. The Circle sequins in orchid are wonderful!

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